Imagination Is The SparX That Ignites The Fire of Creativity..

Why SparX

SparX It’s Sole Aim Is To Be An Effective Business Partner, By Actively Contributing on Enhancing Business For Partners.

Business Focused

Business Focused

We Always Focus on Gaining Business For You. We Work With You to Achieve Your Goal.



Our Resourceful Ability to Adapt and Solve Problems Creatively, Increase Your Chances to Reach on Target.



We Work With You Flexibly To Understand Your Requirements And Provide The Best Solution.

Services We Offer
Software Development-2

Website Development & SEO Support

Web development is the building and maintenance of websites Using different platforms and languages

Lead Generation new

Lead Generation

Lead generation from different platforms (Messenger, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, Email, SMS), Driving traffic to offline stores parallel to online stores.

Query Management

Query Management

A response management platform is cloud-based software that helps revenue teams respond to queries from clients and prospects with maximum efficiency.

Bot Development

BOT Development

Instead of making an entire app, you can now make a bot (Virtual Assistant) for any popular platforms such as Facebook or Telegram to interact, engage and even transact with your users.

Success Stories of Our Clients

Initiated Social Seeding campaign and Generated 300+ Sales Lead During the Pandemic situation while their Physical Outlets was closed due to locked down.

Group Brands Social Media Query Management, Brand Insights and Reporting

Generated 2600+ Leads through Lead Generation Campaign with a Combined model of Offline and Telesales Program.

Assisted to Set Up Whole E-commerce Infrastructure (Website, Call Center, Delivery Operations, for the Company and Initiated The sales Campaign during Pandemic. Achieved Sales Growth by 150% from Previous Quarter.